What I hate about BigBasket


I recently moved to Mumbai and the experience here has been VERY disappointing. First time I ordered, the order came at 11 am when I chose the 7.30 am to 9.30 am slot. Worst still, two items were missing. Spoke to customer care and they apologized for both the late delivery and the missing items. When I said I still want the order, they said I would have to make a ‘replacement order’ for the next day. I chose an available slot was 7.30 to 9.30 am, saying I need the items first thing in the morning. I asked them if they could make a note to ensure that I get the item as soon as possible. They said they’d try. And when did I receive the item — at 2pm!! The delivery boy gave some lame excuse of ‘vehicle problems’.

There is something inherently wrong here: Big Basket screws up the order. Instead of apologising and saying they’ll send my items as soon as possible, they make it seem like they are doing me a favour by creating a ‘replacement order at my request.’ Then they screw up delivery times repeatedly — blaming the roads and the clouds and the stars — every but their own crappy delivery systems.

BigBasket Mumbai really needs to rectify this asap!

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