Sunflower Oil – A good selection for a wholesome life-style

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Called as Surajmukhi Tel, this oil is extracted from the widespread sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seed. This oil has medicinal advantages, used primarily to deliver down the LDL “dangerous” ldl cholesterol. It has immense dietary worth.

Apart from cooking, this oil can be utilized for making cosmetics, for skincare, therapeutic wounds in addition to towards arthritis. Currently, Ukraine, Argentina, Europe, and the USA are the important thing producers of Sunflower Oil.


This oil has earned itself fame across the globe as it’s acknowledged to be more healthy compared to different vegetable oils. Sunflower Oil is gentle to style in addition to look. Packed with polyunsaturated fats, it’s the most most popular oil for cooking. It is taken into account to provide ample Vitamin E.


There’s little doubt on the credibility of Sunflower Oil and its makes use of. The crop is well cultivated all year long. Used in cooking it’s recognized to be heart-friendly when consumed moderately.

Tocopherol on this oil removes free radicals and is thought to scale back the probabilities of most cancers. Sunflower oil additionally offers skincare advantages. It’s a good choice to keep up a wholesome life-style.


Sunflower could be grown always of the yr because the plant has a capability to resist harsh climate situations. The greatest interval to develop sunflower is in summer time as there’s a higher buzz of honeybee throughout that point.

For greatest outcomes, sunflowers should be grown on deep loamy soil with a superb irrigation and drainage system. The pH of 6.eight to ought to be maintained.


With folks cautious of their well being, they’re now aiming for wholesome meals. This has led to a speedy surge in demand for this oil globally.

The fundamental cause for the rising recognition of the oil is the fatty acid content material in it. Since Sunflower Oil is 100% fats, the oil proves to be actually wholesome.

One tbsp of Sunflower Oil per 100 gms accommodates the next:


Total Fat 100g
Omega-6 58%
Vitamin E 42mgs
Cholesterol 0g
Vitamin Ok 5g
Polyunsaturated(Std) 66g



The oil can be utilized to bake dishes, confectionaries, utilized in non-dairy creamers, and in addition works as a sprig coating oil for cereal, biscuits, and dried fruit as it’s a trans-fat-free oil.

As it’s non-sticky and wholesome many favor this oil whereas frying. It could be additionally utilized in salad dressing and as a key ingredient in granola and sauce preparations. So primarily, it serves as an essential ingredient in lots of meals.


Sunflower oil is thought to be one of many healthiest oils for cooking in addition to for its use in our magnificence routine. The fundamental elements of this magnificent oil are linoleic acid, carotenoids, lecithin, and a superb quantity of nutritional vitamins E, A, and D.

There are an a variety of benefits one can avail by utilizing sunflower oil. Starting with dietary benefits, sunflower oil is alleged to manage ldl cholesterol holding the guts wholesome and strengthening the immune system.

Doctors prescribe it to counter Athlete’s Foot, a fungal an infection between the toes.

Many skincare merchandise use this wonderful oil for its capability to guard the pores and skin from the UV rays. In addition, it additionally helps in bettering pores and skin well being by producing new cells. In moderation, sunflower oil may also lower scars, heal wounds and lighten the pores and skin tone. This is a vital cause why this oil is utilized in a variety of beauty merchandise.

Big Basket recipes of dishes you can also make with sunflower oil:

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