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Gruyère is a tough cheese from Switzerland that’s comprised of uncooked cow’s milk. Switzerland needed to struggle France for 3 years to lastly get the rights to “Controlled Designation of Origin” as each international locations claimed it. At a degree when the cheese battle obtained too messy, EU intervened and determined in favour of the Swiss. Though France continues to make this cheese, the French Gruyère maintains a definite look with holes.  

This cheese first originated within the area of Gruyere in Switzerland and thus the title caught.  

It has an beautiful nutty flavour and is creamy when younger. After maturation of about 6 months, it takes on a grainy texture with small cracks. The distinctive style and clean texture make it a magnificence when melted. It is a superb cheese for cheese boards and could be eaten as slices on a platter. As one of many two most important cheeses used to organize fondue alongside Emmental, Gruyère is widespread worldwide. 

This melting-type cheese is an absolute should for the basic French onion soup. It can be utilized to organize casseroles, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and quiches. Gruyère could be grated over salads and pasta too. It’s a incredible cheese for baking as a result of its refined savouriness. 

As it is likely one of the costly cheeses, it may be substituted with Emmental in most dishes should you want. 


Brie is a farmhouse cheese that originated in France. It is normally comprised of unpasteurised cow’s milk however brie comprised of goat’s milk can be one other selection. It has a mushy and creamy texture with a fruity and buttery flavour. If aged, the flavour adjustments to a powerful earthy one. Its bloomy edible rind is handled as a delicacy. 

This cheese could be substituted with Camembert or every other creamy cheese with a bloomy rind. Brie is nice for the cheeseboard and could be loved with flatbreads, baguettes, crackers and nuts. It is commonly used to organize casseroles, grilled sandwiches and sauces. It is an ideal addition to pizzas and proves to be a tremendous dessert cheese.  

Red Leicestershire 

This arduous cheddar-like cheese was previously often called Leicestershire cheese made with cow’s milk. But not like cheddar, it has a crumbly and moist texture with a milder flavour. In the 17th century, the English farmers determined to dye their cheese to make it distinctive and because the color of the cheese denoted its richness and top quality. The vegetable dye used to usher in the reddish tint is named annatto, although initially it was colored with carrots and beetroot juice. Red Leicestershire totally matures in 6 to 12 months however could be consumed as younger as two months previous additionally. However, its candy caramel flavour is greatest loved after it’s aged. 

Red Leicestershire is used to organize bakes, scones and is a superb addition to mashed greens and potatoes. It may also be sliced for sandwiches and melted into dips. This arduous cheese is a superb alternative for cheeseboards.  


“Ricotta” in Italian means recooked, referring to the reheating of the whey left over after making different cheeses to make this cheese. This Italian whey cheese is comprised of cow, water buffalo, goat or sheep milk. Once the casein is used up within the course of of constructing one other cheese, the ricotta-making course of begins. It’s a wonderful cheese when on a weight-reduction plan as a result of its low-fat content material and excessive protein. It is a most well-liked cheese for people who find themselves casein illiberal. 

Ricotta has a mildly candy style and a clean mushy texture. Though it’s a agency cheese, it isn’t strong however delicate. 

The great thing about this gentle cheese is that it may be used to organize candy and savoury dishes alike. Not solely used as a stuffing for ravioli, but it surely additionally goes completely nicely in lasagna and other forms of pasta. It’s a very good substitute for mascarpone in cheesecakes and to high up on pancakes. Its milky flavour makes it a well-liked alternative in getting ready desserts with recent fruits. It also can substitute the mayonnaise in sandwiches if you’re in search of low-calorie meals.  

Monterey Jack 

First made by monks within the monasteries of the Monterey area in California, Monterey Jack is a semi-hard cheese comprised of pasteurised cow’s milk. An entrepreneur, David Jack noticed its potential and commercialised it to make it accessible throughout California, and thus the title – Monterey Jack. 

This tremendous moist cheese is bland when not aged. Its buttery really feel and high quality to soften simply make it a favoured cheese in Mexican and Spanish dishes. Its texture and sharp style are just like Cheddar and Colby when it’s aged for an extended interval. When not aged, this cheese is produced with herbs and flavourings to result in an enhanced style. Pepper Jack and Dry Jack are extremely popular flavoured jack cheeses within the US. 

Monterey Jack is the cheese of alternative in the case of grilled sandwiches. Not solely can or not it’s eaten as a easy snack of cheese and crackers however it may be diced into soups and sauces to present the dish a sharper flavour. 

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