Pomegranate – The Sacred Fruit

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In a league of its personal, pomegranate is a fruit that may boast of its wonderful historical past. Called Punica granatum within the botanical world, it’s truly a shrub which bears crimson fruit. It hails from the household, Lythraceae and subfamily, Punicoideae and is an historical fruit that’s indigenous to Iran.  

It is visually putting with a reddish, leathery clean pores and skin. It is spherical and is as giant as an orange. There are a number of chambers inside, containing clear edible, crimson juicy arils with seeds.  

Versatile, pomegranate is utilized in cooking so as to add zest, to make juice in blends, as salad garnishes, smoothies and wine.  The juice from the seeds is the first supply of grenadine syrup which is utilized in liqueurs and flavourings. When eaten contemporary, it’s a very wholesome fruit. Therefore it comes as no shock that the pomegranate is extremely valued for wellness and in addition extremely regarded in lots of cultures for its numerous well being deserves.  

Setting it aside:


Its origins span from Iran to northern India. It has been cultivated within the Mediterranean because the occasions of the yore.   

The pomegranate is distinctive because it has been talked about in Greek and Egyptian mythology in addition to within the Jewish Torah and the Bible. Its attraction has been captured in artwork too. At the identical time, some religions take into account this fruit sacred.  

In the 16th century, it was launched to Spanish America and later by the Spaniards to California. Granada, a metropolis in Spain, is called after the pomegranate.  

Cultivation and Harvesting:  

It usually grows 5.5 metres to 7 metres. The season for cultivation varies as within the southern hemisphere it’s March to May, however within the northern hemisphere, it’s September to February. In tropical areas, pomegranates are planted between July to August, and in sub-tropical areas, from February to March. The bushes bear fruits after a 12 months.  

Cultivated in free soil, the pH needs to be approx 6.5 to eight. Manure and compost are added to the soil to make it fertile. Seedlings are planted in holes which might be made prepared by a row of bushes. These seedlings needs to be three months previous. In the first 12 months, pomegranates shed naturally. Before harvesting the standard of the seeds must be checked for its normal.  Pomegranates are harvested by hand however are reduce with scissors. They are able to be picked 130 days after the tree begins bearing fruits.  

Sowing and Irrigation:  

Pomegranate seeds sprout simply with out a lot help. The seeds need to be cleaned of the arils to be planted in free soil protecting them by about half an inch. The seeds germinate in a single and a half months in regular room temperature. To speed up the germination, the soil temperature might be raised. Heat could be very essential for pomegranate seed care.  

Pomegranates are drought-tolerant and due to this fact want drip irrigation. Water administration, fertilizers, and plant safety are the important thing components that have an effect on the output of the yield. Pomegranates have a tendency to draw ailments and pests.  

Excess water might result in the crop affected by fruit cracking, soil-borne ailments, pest assault, ailments and so forth. Therefore, precision irrigation is important for increased yield. It additionally balances productiveness and moisture stress.   

Its tree has shiny leaves, and massive, vibrant flowers. One has to attend patiently for a number of years for the fruit, pomegranate, to sprout. Its bark is robust and can be utilized for woodworking. Certain elements within the bark and roots are used for medicinal functions primarily to paralyze tapeworms.  

Medicinal Value:  

Pomegranate is wealthy in folic acid, dietary fibre, vitamin C and vitamin Okay.  

Rightly often known as the healthiest fruit on earth, it accommodates a variety of helpful plant compounds for our wellness. It has greater than 40 % of fibre and might be consumed every day. Packed with vitamins, it helps in boosting immunity. Therefore, the pomegranate is unrivalled by every other fruit in the case of diet.  

Pomegranate is wealthy in nutritional vitamins, minerals, fibre and bioactive plant compounds.  

It primarily accommodates two compounds which have potent medicinal properties-  

Punicalagin, a potent anti-oxidant 

Punicic acid, a fatty acid in arils that has vital organic results. It is present in pomegranate seed oil.  

The pomegranate helps in combating breast most cancers, colon and prostate most cancers.  

It has glorious anti-inflammatory results which cut back the chance of coronary heart illness by defending LDL and ldl cholesterol from oxidation, additionally reduces the chance of type-2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and weight problems. It reduces inflammatory exercise within the digestive tract.  

It is appropriate for arthritis, joint ache and prevents atherosclerosis. The excellent news is that pomegranate juice lowers blood stress and treats erectile dysfunction. It naturally boosts fertility.  

Pomegranate fights bacterial and fungal infections, prevents plaque formation and strengthens bones. It improves reminiscence, train efficiency by growing blood circulation and lowers stress ranges.   

Pomegranate is an all-rounder well being fruit which has the benefit of interesting to the palate, making it an all-time favorite. 

Nutritive Value:

Serving measurement: 100g 

CALORIES 84                                                       CALORIES FROM FAT 12 

                                                                                         % DAILY VALUE 

Total Fat 1.2g                                                                            2% 

Saturated Fat 0.1g                                                                     1% 

Trans Fat 0g 

Polyunsaturated Fat 0.1g 

Monounsaturated Fat 0.1g 

Cholestrol 0mg                                                                            0% 

Sodium 3mg                                                                                0% 

Potassium 237mg                                                                        7%  

Total Carbohydrates 19g                                                              6% 

Dietary Fiber 4g                                                                         17% 

Sugars 15g                                                        

Protein 108g 

Vitamin A                                                                                    0% 

Vitamin C                                                                                   18% 

Calcium                                                                                       0.9% 

Iron                                                                                            1.8% 


Source – wikepedia 

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