Vanilla: The quintessential perfume

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Ironically, Vanilla which is a chic expression for plain and boring is the second costliest spice on the planet!   

Its vine-like stems come from orchids of the genus Vanilla and develop to about 300 ft. It will get its title from vainilla, an acronym for Spanish phrase vaina which implies pod. The essence is principally derived from pods of the Mexican species V. planifolia.   

Setting it aside:  

Just like all fruit, Vanilla too originates from a greenish-yellow flower. The flowers blossom solely annually, giving the farmers a brief window to pollinate it. If they lose the time, the flowers wilt and die.   

The flowers develop right into a fruit which grows to a 6-to-10-inch-long pod. Each pod incorporates tiny black seeds. 

When pollination of the vanilla plant was completely the job of Melipona bees, a 12-year-old slave Edmond Albius modified all of it. He found he may hand pollinate the orchid. Today Vanilla is hand-pollinated, a way used globally. It is an assiduous effort achieved flower by flower, and as extracting the perfume can also be labour-intensive, the vanilla spice is dear.  


The farmer waits patiently in anticipation for the pods to ripen and darken earlier than accumulating them. Then these pods are completely cleaned, sorted and matured for at least one month. The danger of pods wilting is excessive at each stage of this multi-level manufacturing. This clearly exhibits the time and experience required for vanilla pods to hit the market. Top-quality Vanilla comes solely from good vines and knowledgeable manufacturing strategies. 

Hot and humid local weather with reasonable rainfall of greater than 1500mm is greatest to domesticate vanilla vine flowers. The greatest temperature for cultivation is 15–28°C. The soil needs to be unfastened with loamy texture. It should be drained effectively. A slight slope helps to empty out water. Good high quality manure ensures good yield. Mulching is crucial. Much of the mulch ought to be planted on the base of the vine. Soil pH of 5 is indicated an optimum.


Indonesia and Madagascar develop two-thirds of the world’s vanilla provide. The Tahiti pods are thick with a wealthy floral perfume and greatest utilized in fragrance. The most revered Bourbon vanilla comes from French-occupied island, Réunion. It is fruity and buttery coming near Madagascar vanilla which has a creamy flavour. Mexican beans are slim with a robust candy, smoky word. Other cultivars are China, Turkey, Tonga and French Polynesia.

A wholesome cheer:  

Vanilla is greater than only a central element in lots of desserts. It has sterling dietary qualities which advantage its rightful place in your kitchen shelf. The spice has ample quantities of antioxidants which help the physique to restore from the mobile degree and scale back dangers of coronary heart ailments, diabetes and different well being hazards.

Its use as a magnificence element will see your hair shine and pores and skin glow. It promotes anti-ageing actions whereas it heals wounds and aids in shedding further weight.

Nauseous? Vanilla helps in relieving the horrible feeling whereas it boosts digestion and improves dental well being.

Twist in your dish:

Vanilla as a spice is popularly recognized to reinforce any dessert. It blends with any fruit or element and lends itself to many hit recipes. Yet this spice has one other spirited aspect because it makes its option to some immediately hit savoury dishes.

Ooh, very savoury!

Add a touch of sweetness in your savoury dish and make it dreamy and yum as Vanilla can be utilized in savoury dishes so as to add sweetness with out including sugar. Try including it to inexperienced smoothies, French dressing, stews and even mashed potatoes, says Chef Pankaj Bhadouria, Host and Chef of Indian Food Classics, Zee Zest.


Leave leftover pods in sugar to infuse it with the vanilla flavour. You may also blitz the pods and drop it within the jar.

Green and contemporary vanilla beans haven’t any aroma. They have to show darkish brown.

It incorporates an unlimited variety of completely different flavour and perfume parts. It is straightforward to supply the artificial vanilla flavour. Hence vanillin could be created from eugenol, a element of clove oil. It could be created from lignin, a by-product of the wooden pulp.

The well-known perfume comes from vanilla beans.

The aroma of this spice has highly effective calming qualities.

This ‘plain’ however valuable spice is worthy of celebration.

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