Nutmeg and Mace – The delicate and distinctive spices 

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Giving a novel style to your dish

The distinctive spiciness and a touch of the candy heat style of nutmeg are primarily used for confections and muffins, soups, stews, preserves and baked delicacies. The most well-known Christmassy particular punch eggnog is sprinkled with nutmeg to present it the festive style.  It goes properly with melted cheese.  Mace has a flavour that blends properly with all spices. Similar to black pepper it’s utilized in doughnuts, muffins, and pies. 

Nutmeg is the seed of the genus Myristica fragrans. The genus is a perennial tree which boasts of dark-leaves. The tree is cultivated for 2 spices which originate from its fruit. The two spices are nutmeg (obtained from the seed of the fruit) and mace (obtained from the reddish pores and skin or aril of the seed.) The nutmeg seed is dried within the solar for greater than six weeks to get the spice. 

Setting it aside 

Similar in flavour to nutmeg, mace has a fragile flavour that lends itself to pickles, fish and meat dishes. Nutmeg has a pungent, heat candy spicy aroma that lends itself to numerous dishes together with the vacation particular, eggnog. 


Myristica fragrans offers two separate spices – nutmeg and mace. Nutmeg is the dried seed kernel and mace is the dried aril round it. 

Nutmeg is indigenous to tropical locations like Indonesia (over 50% of the world’s exporters of nutmeg and mace,) adopted by Grenada. Malaysia and the Caribbean additionally domesticate these two spices. In India, nutmeg is principally cultivated in varied districts of Kerala and components of Tamil Nadu. 

Nutmeg blossoms in heat humid circumstances in areas the place the rainfall is greater than 150cm. Both, dry climate and water-logged areas, will not be appropriate. Hence planting is completed at the beginning of the monsoon season. Nutmeg is cross-pollinated and may be grown as an intermediate planting in gardens the place splendid shade circumstances can be found. Coconut gardens close to river beds could be a good location for nutmeg cultivation. The younger crops of their early phases should be shielded from the solar. If nutmeg is grown as a single crop, monocrop, then a everlasting shade is greatest suited, that too on a hilly slope. The excellent soil for its cultivation is clay loam, sandy loam and purple laterite soils. An excellent tree yield varies vastly from a couple of hundred to about 10,000 fruits. Fertilisers must be utilized in shallow pits across the crops. Summer months are put aside for irrigation. 

A wholesome cheer 

Nutmeg and mace are each plant merchandise used extra as a spice for flavouring than for any medicinal functions. Early analysis reveals that nutmeg was used for cavities within the first set of enamel in youngsters. They have been used for different circumstances in addition to nutmeg and mace are additionally recognized to kill micro organism and fungi. 


Nutmeg oil is used as a perfume in soaps and cosmetics. 

Nutmeg oil is filtered from nutmeg seeds which have been eaten by worms. The worms take away the starchy fats, leaving solely these parts of the seed which can be oil-rich. 

The greatest manner to make use of nutmeg flavouring is to purchase it complete and grate it simply earlier than you add them to the meals. Nutmeg oil evaporates quickly. 


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