Tips to take away lint from garments 

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After months of being cooped up inside your home as a result of pandemic induced lockdown, you’ve got lastly determined to satisfy up with some mates over lunch. Your plans are in place, your masks is prepared, and you’ve got chosen your outfit rigorously. Imagine your shock when after you put on your good outfit, you look into the mirror to search out it coated in lint or fluff. It is as off-putting and upsetting because the plans being cancelled completely.  

While a lint remover undoubtedly comes helpful, what in case you are caught in a state of affairs, the place both you don’t possess one or should you do, you have no idea the place it’s for the time being. This results in a frantic search of your wardrobe to search for outfits that do not need lint and may be put collectively on the final second in the very best approach.  

One of the very best methods to keep away from this type of anxious state of affairs is to know the way to take away lint or fluff with no lint remover. But first, you could know what precisely is the fluffy mess that’s caught to your garments and rained throughout your parade. 

What is lint?

Lint is little bits of free threads or textile fibres that get bundled collectively and get caught in your garments. As these are plainly seen on clean ironed garments, it makes your outfit, nonetheless clear and properly put collectively, look shabby. Lint can come off and get caught on any material throughout wash or ironing. Depending on the material, it could be straightforward or tough to take away lint from any material.  

The frequent methodology of eradicating lint from garments is utilizing a lint remover or lint curler. It is a roll of one-sided adhesive paper which can be utilized to roll on a material. As you roll it, the lint on the garments sticks to the adhesive paper which may then be torn and disposed off. This is the only obtainable gadget that may simply take away any tough lint. There are varied different hand-held gadgets and steam machines that may additionally take away lint.  

However, should you do not need a lint remover or are unable to search out one in time, there are just a few hacks you could attempt to eliminate these nasty bits of fluff which might be ruining your outfit.  


The lint curler works with the easy approach that adhesive is ideal for eradicating lint. So, should you do not need a lint curler, any sort of adhesive can basically do the job. Get your palms on a large sticking paper like a packing tape or duct tape. Then lay your garments on a flat floor. Wrap the packing tape round your hand with the adhesive facet mentioning. Use your hand to dab the garments wherever you see the lint. Change the tape in your hand as soon as it’s coated with lint. Repeat the method until your garments are fully lint-free.  

Rubber gloves 

This is a well-known approach with pet house owners, particularly those that personal cats and canine with fur. As they might agree, pet house owners usually discover their furnishings upholstery in addition to garments coated with pet fur. They hold rubber gloves helpful to put on and rub off the pet fur. The hack works with lint too. Simply put on the gloves and swipe your palms over your garments. The static electrical energy brought about as a result of rubbing will be sure that all of the lint sticks to the gloves. Dust off after which repeat the method until all of the lint is off your garments.  

Damp washcloth 

This hack works very properly on essentially the most cussed lint additionally. However, you want a bit extra time for this one. Place your garments on a flat floor. Then take a easy cotton washcloth and dampen it a bit. Use this damp material to rub in your garments and watch because the lint sticks to the damp material. Clean and repeat the method. Make certain that your washcloth is simply damp so wring it out completely earlier than utilizing it. Let your garments air out a bit earlier than carrying them.  

DIY lint curler 

You can merely make your personal lint curler. Just purchase some Velcro tapes and stick them on the flat again finish of an outdated hairbrush. Use it to brush your garments off to take away the lint. Make certain to brush within the route of the Velcro bristles for optimum impact.  

Old razor 

Do not throw your outdated razors. They may be helpful as a lint remover. Make certain to angle them in a approach in order to not reduce into the material. Rub them within the route of the textile fibre of your garments to softly take away the lint. This hack works particularly properly on suede or velvet garments that are very liable to bits of lint and fluff sticking on to them.  

Scouring pad 

A scouring pad is one other nice hack to take away lint and fluff. Make certain you’re utilizing a brand new one. Lay your garments on a flat floor. Take the scouring pad flat in your palm, holding it in place along with your thumb. Gently dab and rub in your garments. The tough fibrous floor of the scouring pad will take away the lint because it goes.  

Pumice stone 

A pumice stone is mostly used to rub and soften the laborious surfaces of your foot. However, it may possibly additionally take away lint out of your garments. Make certain that you’re utilizing a brand new pumice stone when working this hack. Simply rub the pumice stone in your garments to take away the lint. There are some things you want to bear in mind whereas doing this. Pumice stones can be utilized on most garments to take away lint however not on silk ones. If you utilize a pumice stone in your silk saree or perhaps a crepe material, it can tear on the threads, ruining the material within the course of. Make certain that the pumice stone you’re utilizing shouldn’t be damaged or chipped as a result of that may once more trigger your garments to tear.  

Although there are strategies to take away the lint, just a few vital steps earlier than or whereas washing garments might help you keep away from lint altogether.  

If a material is liable to releasing lint or shedding then it’s supreme to scrub it inside out or individually. If you set it for wash usually with different garments, chances are high that the shedding might stick with your different garments and result in accumulation of lint and fluff on them.  

Adding a cup of distilled white vinegar within the final rinse can work wonders with lint. If you’ve got garments which have an excessive amount of lint on them and which can’t be eliminated by means of any of the hacks, that is the best way to go. Just make it possible for the vinegar is distilled to keep away from any harm to the garments. 

These easy hacks can’t solely save time and your garments, however they will also be helpful when the horror of lint in your garments makes you go clean. Knowing them would merely be a talent.  

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