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It was within the days of the yore that an advert repeatedly advised us how laung, clove, gave reduction from dental ache. Yet this brown colored spice, formed like a flower bud, has many extra advantages to its credit score. Clove is the dried flower of a clove tree Syzygium aromaticum which is evergreen.  This fragrant spice belongs to the Myrtaceae household. The flower buds are literally blush pink when harvested however go brown when dried. 

Though some consider that clove is indigenous to Indonesia, its perfume has reached each nook of the globe thus, securing its place within the kitchen cupboards.  It was identified to be a prized flavouring agent within the Roman period and was essentially the most favoured spice to be exchanged for a worthwhile commerce. A royal protocol in China demanded that these showing earlier than the king must use clove as a mouth freshener. 

Setting it aside

The heat spiciness of clove blends properly in lots of cuisines and surprisingly, in some medicines. The spice is roughly lower than one inch lengthy. It has a stem that narrows trying like small nails. Called clavus in Latin, clove is its English spinoff.


Cloves thrive in wealthy, loamy soil and areas which have a moist and heat local weather. Moderate rainfall of greater than 150cm is nice for flowering.  It must be famous that clove crop wilts in waterlogged areas. Hence, drainage system with restricted shading is critical for yield.    

For cultivation, seeds from absolutely blossomed fruit are taken, soaked and sowed instantly after. Planting of seedlings begins at the beginning of the monsoon season, whereas in low mendacity areas it’s in the direction of the top of the season. 

Clove seeds take a fortnight to germinate. The sand-soil combination is unfastened and care should be taken to maintain it moist. The clove tree begins to flower solely after its fourth yr of sowing and takes 15 years to bear fruit. 

The flowering seasons are completely different for plains and people planted at increased altitudes. The final quarter of the yr to early subsequent yr are therefore necessary months for rising cloves. 

The main growers this fabulous spice are Indonesia, islands of Zanzibar and Pemba in Tanzania, India (Kerala, TN, Karnataka and the hilly areas of the Western Ghats) and Sri Lanka. 

A wholesome cheer

Let alone its ambrosia, we can not cease raving about its well being advantages that promise to carry a smile to your lips.

Clove is a wonderful supply of vitamin Ok, calcium and iron. The well being advantages embody good digestion, defending the liver, combating in opposition to oral ailments, boosting the immune system, stimulating blood circulation, controlling diabetes, bettering respiratory well being, combating irritation, therapeutic complications, relieving stress, preserving bone high quality and combating in opposition to most cancers. 

This basic spice can be well-known in Ayurveda to deal with hernia, fever, digestive issues, respiratory issues, physique aches and ache. 

Powerful antimicrobial: Cloves with its antimicrobial properties are identified to halt bacterial development together with E.coli. Properties of clove oil in selling dental well being and reducing gum illness is well-known. 

Reduces oxidation: Leading a burdened life? Take care of oxidation by including clove to your weight loss program. Eugenol, a naturally current antioxidant, reduces the harm accomplished by free radical. It is understood to be extra highly effective than vitamin E. Therefore, its anti-carcinogenic properties assist in stopping life-threatening ailments. 

Boosts immune system: Eugenol brings down the toxicity in blood and amps up our immune system by stimulating WBC. Thus, this basic spice is highly effective when combating virus and different micro organism.

Combats osteoporosis: Cloves are enriched with manganese which helps to fight osteoporosis. Manganese is a crucial mineral which is in style in bettering bone well being and mind well being. 

Controls abdomen ulcers: Cloves have superb oil compounds that scale back abdomen ulcers. Take good thing about its heat, summery aroma by including it in your weight loss program. 

Supports liver well being: Some research have proven that eugenol has truly reversed indicators of liver cirrhosis. However, eugenol must be taken solely in restricted amount. Hence, it’s all the time advisable to seek the advice of a doctor in case you are taking cloves as medication.  

Nutritive worth of 1 teaspoon of cloves: 

Calories: 6.5 

Carbs: 1.5 gram 

Fibre: 1.5 gram 

Manganese: 60 

Vitamin Ok: 2.5 


A twist in your dish

Cloves are utilized in savoury dishes, desserts and likewise in sizzling spiced wine. It goes properly with cinnamon, vanilla, star anise, citrus peel and such spices.  

Apart from adults, in case your child is above two years previous it’s possible you’ll start to tread into newer palate akin to clove in candy dishes like fruit juices or candy masala milk. When getting children to familiarise with grownup meals, a contact of this spice may very well be a wholesome addition. 

Utmost care must be taken to make use of a minimal quantity in case you are utilizing it for the primary time in your child’s meals. Children’s weight loss program could be very completely different from grownup weight loss program and introducing any new aspect of their meals must be accomplished with care and warning. Seek your physician’s suggestion when doing so.  


  • Cloves have been talked about within the well-known fables of Sindbad the Sailor. 
  • Cloves can be found all yr spherical. This is as a result of completely different international locations have completely different seasons for harvesting them. 
  • Powdered clove stands to lose its aroma rapidly. 
  • In historic instances, cloves had been used as a meals preservative and have been also called a medicinal plant. 
  • Ancient physicians from Persian used clove oil for its aphrodisiacal qualities. 
  • Kretek is the title of extremely popular Indonesian cigarettes which has the ambrosial mix of clove. It is believed to assist bronchial asthma. 

Now you possibly can go forward and use cloves in all of your dishes understanding how superb the spice is.

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