Kalonji – The tiny soldier of well being

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An attention-grabbing spice, kalonji is popularly used to organize numerous Indian dishes.  It is fragrant and is utilized in tempering dals and flavour curries, veggies, pickles and different lip-smacking dishes. This spice has a singular flavour which provides an thrilling aroma to the dish. Belonging to the Ranunculaceae household, it’s a shrub. Kalonji seeds oil is used to make Ayurvedic medicines. The oil has functions within the aroma business too. 

Setting it aside

The spice referred to as Nigella Sativa or Black Cumin is also called Kalojeera, Kalanji, black seeds, black caraway, fennel flower, onion seeds, Nigella and such. That’s rather a lot for a seed that small, isn’t it?  


Kalonji is a chilly temperature crop. Hence, it’s primarily grown throughout winters in northern India. While it wants tepid frostiness throughout sowing and cultivation, it wants a slighter hotter local weather for ripening. 

Each seed must be planted at the very least 4 to seven inches other than each other to permit plant development until harvesting. The seeds shouldn’t be sown greater than 1.5cm deep; that is to guard the seed deposition. Light irrigation ought to be carried out after sowing. Irrigation ought to be carried out as per the crop requirement thereafter. 

Though sandy loamy soil is good for this spice, any kind of soil is nice sufficient. 

The soil have to be wealthy with manure and fertilizers and the plant wants direct daylight for yield. The soil must be moist for at the very least a fortnight to permit seeds to germinate. Proper drainage is necessary for the cultivation of black cumin. The month of October is the best time to start sowing.  

It takes just a little over two months for the plant to be prepared for harvesting.  

Then the crop is taken out from its root and saved apart for per week to dry. After drying, the seeds are separated via the strategy of threshing.  

A wholesome cheer

Kalonji or Nigella seeds adds not only a stunning flavour however is an effective supply of calcium says host & Chef Pankaj Bhadouria of Indian Food Classics, Zee Zest. 

It has additionally acquired an considerable quantity of magnesium, iron, is filled with antioxidants, cancer-fighting properties and is understood to decrease ldl cholesterol, she provides. 

These tiny black seeds belie their dimension. Full of nutritional vitamins A, C, E, Ok and hint minerals corresponding to sodium, potassium and amino acids, fatty acids like linolenic and oleic acid, and extra, the well being advantages can’t be missed. 

It takes care of the respiratory downside like bronchial asthma and sinusitis and retains your coronary heart wholesome.  It is a supply of the anti-inflammatory lively compound thymoquinone which is understood to cut back irritation, particularly in pancreatic most cancers cells. Like all good sources, it improves the immune system and ensures a wholesome liver and kidney. It normalises blood sugar ranges preserving diabetes below management.  

Other well being advantages

  • Increases reminiscence   
  • Treats pimples 
  • Treats cracked heels  
  • Treats complications   
  • Aids in weight loss   
  • Controls blood strain 
  • Maintains dental well being 

Keep a inventory of kalonji oil at dwelling. It is a go-to dwelling treatment to spice up your well being and alleviate different niggling issues. Though the oil of kalonji is understood to be protected throughout being pregnant it is usually seen to cut back uterine contractions if utilized in giant quantities. Therefore, the physician’s advisory is required. 

A twist in your dish

The love for onion seeds is unfold far and huge. Resting on tandoori naan it offers a sure style and flavour to this merely wonderful roti. The pure black color of this spice offers a sure edginess to the dish. It additionally makes for an necessary mix in Bengal’s 5 spice Paanch Phoron. You can add it to your Diwali chakklis and make them crispy and crunchy.  


  • When shopping for kalonji confirm that the seeds are jet black.  
  • Storing nigella in a dry place is extraordinarily necessary. Moisture will damage the spice. 
  • Buy small quantities of kalonji. This will stop the spice from shedding its aroma and well being advantages. 

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