Elaichi – The Queen of Spice and the whole lot good 

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It can be tough to search out one soul who would move divine cuppa of wealthy masala chai. Infused with cardamom, masala chai makes you are feeling like royalty. It isn’t any marvel then that this royal-tea is extraordinarily widespread in India. These small triangular-shaped seed pods are extra than simply flavour. Their spindle-shaped kind is a willowy masking containing small, black seeds. The spice belongs to the Zingiberaceae household. Besides its customary use in sweets and mithai, it’s added as a particular seasoning to savoury preparations and gravies too. It provides a dish its distinctive and beautiful aroma.  

With a rightful title of ‘queen of spice’ cardamom is a a lot sought-after condiment making it the third costliest spice worldwide however solely after vanilla and saffron. Farming of this condiment is understood to be profitable.   

Cardamom or cardamom/cardamomum is created from the seeds of various kinds of crops within the genera, Elettaria (recent, inexperienced and small) and Amomum subulatum (black/darkish brown, dried and larger than inexperienced elaichi). Amomum, well-known as badi eliachi is used extra in savoury dishes like biryani and different Mughlai cuisines. From these two forms of cardamom, the inexperienced cardamom is extra in demand than badi elaichi, additionally referred to as Nepal cardamom. 

Setting it aside

Known as a temper lifter, its broad consumption goes past culinary preparations. Besides its in depth use within the preparation of delectable dishes, it’s broadly used as a pure mouth freshener. 

It finds point out in Ayurveda for its immense potential in selling psychological and bodily well being and in addition in treating numerous sicknesses. Cardamom has many aliases. In Malayalam it is called Yelakka in Telugu and Tamil it’s Elakkai whereas in Gujarati it’s Elchi. 


The common inexperienced cardamom is obtained from India and Malaysia. It has much more medicinal potential than badi elaichi. Black cardamom/badi elaichi is discovered within the foothills of Eastern Himalayas on the jap aspect of Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling and Bhutan. It has a minty flavour. 

With the required temperature of 10 – 34 levels, the elaichi plant is seen within the Western Ghats and is indigenous to the tropical areas of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan, and Malaysia. These days additionally it is grown in Guatemala and Tanzania. 

The plant thrives in loamy, fertile soils wealthy in humus. The drainage system must be good and the perfect pH is 4 – 7. 

The finest time to arrange for plantation is throughout cloudy, drizzle days in June – July. The land is dug as much as 30cm on which a raised mattress is made. Cardamom cultivation is completed by way of seeds or suckers (one younger and one mature aerial shoot.) Seeds are collected from a ripe pod. The seeds are repeatedly cleaned and instantly sown. Sowing is completed in rows. A mature sucker together with a rising shoot is planted within the pit. One ought to keep away from deep planting. The base of the plant is roofed with mulch.  It is critical to irrigate the crop to get an excellent yield. Irrigation might be finished each 10-15 days until the start of monsoon. 

A wholesome cheer

The inexperienced kind of cardamom has heaps to supply health-wise and thus, is climbing on the scores record as a wholesome spice. Here is why you need to reap its advantages. 

The dietary parts on this spice make it a superior spice. It has plentiful quantities of wholesome fat, proteins and unbelievable portions of vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium, zinc, magnesium and potassium.  

Powerful antioxidants like flavonoids, quercetin, and plant esters work as helpful anti-inflammatory to assuage the mucous membrane, abdomen lining and to reducing acidity. This makes it a pure treatment to fight heartburn and nausea. The antioxidant properties shield us from free radicals, all of the whereas detoxifying and possibly cleaning our physique from most cancers and associated illnesses. 

How fresh is your breath? 

Bad breath? Maybe it’s your indigestion; Root out the issue by popping an elaichi. Its antibacterial properties lend a pleasing scent and in addition pace up digestion. Furthermore, it eliminates acidity as its important oils stimulate salivary glands which activate the abdomen lining. This improves urge for food too. 

Feeling low and torpid? 

It might be anaemia; Elaichi packs in iron together with copper and different important nutritional vitamins like riboflavin and niacin that may kind it out. It is understood to spice up up the manufacturing of purple blood cells and the synthesis of our cells.  

Alleviates respiratory sicknesses 

Cardamom amps blood circulation. This decreases respiratory issues like flu, cough or bronchial asthma.  Hence, it is called a heat spice in Ayurveda, creating sufficient warmth internally to expel phlegm and relieve chest congestion. 

Oh, your pricey coronary heart! 

Being wealthy within the provide of important minerals makes cardamom a treasure trove for important electrolytes.  

Boost your intercourse life 

Did you realize that this small, humble pod could be a potent stimulant in your intercourse life? It works like a spark to deal with sexual dysfunctions like impotency and untimely ejaculation. It makes you are feeling vibrant, thus working wonders in your intercourse life. 

A twist in your dish

Masala or natural chai infused with cinnamon is a well-liked scorching tea in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. 

Commonly utilized in Indian cooking, this condiment is commonly utilized in baking, significantly in Nordic nations. From the normal Scandinavian Yule bread Julekake to delicacies just like the Swedish kardemummabullar candy bun and Finnish candy bread pulla, cardamom is the ingredient that provides goodies a particular twist. 

In the Middle East, powder of inexperienced cardamom is used to garnish candy dishes and even to flavour espresso and tea. In Korea, the medicinal properties are exploited by consuming jeho-tang, their conventional tea.

In Asia, each varieties of cardamom are broadly utilized in each candy and savoury dishesIt can also be a standard ingredient in combined spices for Indian, Nepali masalas and curry pastes in Thai delicacies 

Fast info

Confectionery large Wrigley used cardamom in its model ‘Eclipse Breeze Exotic Mint’ to neutralise the hardest breath odours (as stated on the packing.) 

Elaichi helps to enhance complexion and hair texture. 

It is finest saved as a complete pod. Ground or powdered seeds lose their flavour quickly. 

According to Ayurveda, elaichi additionally reduces the air content material within the abdomen. 

In Terhathum District of Nepal, cardamom is taken into account as a money crop.  

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