Saffron – The Golden Spice 

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Considered the costliest spice on the earth, Saffron or kesar is intrinsic to many cuisines on the earth. The deep yellow color and intoxicating aroma affirms its unique high rating on the checklist of probably the most revered spices on the earth.  

Used extensively primarily in Kashmiri delicacies and as a garnish, it’s documented that saffron or kesar was really a each day a part of Persian life 1000’s of years in the past. Yet different idea says that the traditional Greeks used it in temples and in addition of their perfumes. But saffron has a widespread performance because it was used to dye garments of Buddhist monks and royalties too and remained an necessary part in cultural rituals.   

Setting it aside

Saffron is also called ‘crimson gold.’ The parts that give saffron its unique character are safranal – accountable for its aroma; crocin – accountable for its deep hue; and picrocrocin – accountable for its candy, floral flavour.  

It is believed that the legendary magnificence, Cleopatra used saffron in her face masks. Cultivating saffron is straightforward however it’s costly as a result of it’s labour-intensive. Famous as an aphrodisiac, it’s used to deal with infertility and impotency. 


Spain, India (HP, J&Ok, components of Karnataka) and Iran are the main producers of saffron. Growing of this spice is straightforward as it may be grown wherever. 

Saffron is harvested from the blossoms of Crocus sativus (Iridaceae,) generally often called saffron crocus or saffron bulbs. A saffron flower has three red-colored branches or stigmas which is used for culinary functions. Growing as much as 20cm in peak, Crocus sativus is a spherical plant which is perennial with autumn-flowering bulbous corms various in color. They go from lilac to purple. Corms are bulb-like crops that sprout underground. It seems to be swollen, very similar to an onion and facilitates storing.  

It is the corm that’s utilised for the cultivation of this spice. They are collected for his or her crimson stigmas or saffron threads which provides us this royal spice. Each blossom provides three stigmas. They must be rigorously plucked by hand, all earlier than afternoon as they wilt rapidly and simply. This course of is tiresome and the farmers must be extraordinarily thorough.  

Saffron grows in sandy, loamy well-drained moist soil. It requires good daylight however the temperature must be very low. August to September is one of the best season for planting and October is for harvesting. Once harvested, they’re dried for lower than every week after which they’re stored in air-tight containers.   

The ultimate pH is between 5 to eight 

Besides the main cultivators, Saffron crocus can also be grown in Afghanistan, Italy, Greece, France, New Zealand, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey and China. Since this plant is raised in several components of the world, planting methods might differ from nation to nation relying on the soil, local weather and such different farming situations. 

A wholesome cheer

Saffron or kesar is valued for extra than simply its rating within the culinary area. Its worth extends to well being and wellness and will enhance your temper if feeling low. Simply taking in its aroma would additionally do wonders to your psychological state. Interestingly, additionally it is well-known as a intercourse stimulant. Besides these thrilling capabilities, it additionally improves reminiscence. 

It has now been found that saffron is an energetic anti-cancerous (anti-mutagenic,) immunity booster, anti-depressant and antioxidant spice which reduces coronary heart illnesses. These anti-oxidants are seen to enhance cognition in seniors affected by Alzheimer’s. 

It can also be identified to assist with indigestion and gastro-intestinal points and hypertension. 

Both, consuming and smelling saffron seems to assist deal with PMS signs or associated points reminiscent of irritability, complications, cravings, ache, and anxiousness. 

Saffron is understood to convey down the urge to snack, thereby curbing your urge for food. Now royal assistance is at hand for all these looking for to shed pounds. It additionally reduces blood sugar ranges and improves eyesight. 

One teaspoon of kesar comprises: 

Calories: 2.5 

Protein: 0.09g  

Carbohydrates: 0.47g 

Calcium: 1mg 

Iron: 0.09mg  

Magnesium: 2.5mg  

Phosphorus: 2.5mg 

Potassium: 11mg  

Vitamin C: 0.6mg 

Thiamin: 0.001mg 

Riboflavin: 0.002.5mg 

Niacin: 0.01mg 

Vitamin B6: 0.007mg 

Folate and vitamin A  


A Twist in your dish

To give your dish a grandiose flavour and deep yellow-red hue, take your decide of one of the best kesar. Here in India, we get three forms of saffron – saffron mongra, saffron lachha and saffron zarda from which saffron lachha and mongra are troublesome to accumulate. 

Tasting earthy and musky with a fragile honey sort perfume, this unimaginable spice is used typically in Kashmiri delicacies. It lends itself to EuropeanMediterranean, Asian and lots of different beautiful cuisines the world over.  

From Kahwa to Spanish paella, Swedish buns to Italian Risotto, Biryani to Frenchman’s Bouillabaisse and Greek Saffron Pilaf, saffron is revered within the recipes. 


Saffron will not be really helpful throughout being pregnant and nursing. Large doses may be hazardous. 

Saffron poisoning is unusual. 

It can also be used as an insecticide and to maintain pests at bay. 

A excessive quantity of crocin is discovered within the Kashmiri saffron. 

It is greatest to arrange saffron water/milk earlier than including it to the dish.

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