I pledge to eat my colors! 

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Most of us don’t take ‘eat your rainbow’ too significantly and keep on with the fruit and veggies that please our style buds. If we concentrate, colors in nature shout out to us about what they’ve to supply. The color of greens tells us the kind of phytonutrients they comprise. 

This Republic Day, we convey you the advantages of greens that share their colors with our Indian flag. 


What a fiery color that denotes energy!  

Orange greens comprise carotenoids like alpha-carotene and beta-carotene which our physique converts to vitamin A. These greens have a pure sweetness to them which may work effectively to fulfill our cravings for desserts.  


This incredible vegetable is an actual warrior.  

We all learn about orange greens and powerful imaginative and prescient and pumpkin is a kind of greens which guarantees not simply that however rather more. 

The immense quantity of vitamin A content material in pumpkins is understood to decrease the danger of lung and prostate most cancers.  

Just a cup of pumpkin juice lends 200% of the advisable vitamin A consumption. That alone tells us how essential this vegetable must be in our day by day lives. 

Pumpkin seeds are a supply of tryptophan which makes serotonin that could be a “blissful” neurotransmitter and a pure temper stabiliser. This makes pumpkin a jolly good fellow to make mates with. 

This fantastic vegetable is loaded with fibre which may fill you up in small quantities and defend your digestive system. 

It can be recognized to have a optimistic impact on the urinary tract and kidney operate. 

The potassium content material in pumpkins cannot solely assist in decreasing blood strain but it surely additionally lowers the danger of type-2 diabetes. 

When it involves boosting immunity, pumpkin is the reply being excessive in vitamin C, E, folate and iron. 

So, don’t wait until subsequent Halloween to incorporate this superb vegetable in your meals. It is bound to do some heavy lifting with regards to conserving you wholesome! 


This crunchy vegetable is likely one of the favourites amongst youngsters and adults alike. 

Carrots being one of many richest greens in beta-carotene, nice eyesight is a given. It prevents macular degeneration which may happen resulting from ageing. 

Luteolin present in carrots guarantees to stop cognitive decline. It helps hold our mind sharp. It additionally helps stop lung, prostate and breast most cancers as per the research performed. 

Our pores and skin will ceaselessly be grateful to carrots as they comprise retinol, biotin and lycopene, compounds that hold it smooth and supple. 

The immune-boosting high quality of carrots is because of its beta-carotene content material. It helps stop flu and cold-like signs whereas conserving the lungs wholesome. 


While we do stand behind ‘eat your rainbow,’ we don’t want to ignore our white greens. These veggies are recognized to be wealthy in helpful vitamins like potassium, magnesium, and fibre which we usually fall wanting. 

Most white greens are a powerhouse of sulphur compounds that are extraordinarily helpful to our well being. So, don’t let the color (lack of color) deceive you and get a load in your plate!  


This wild vegetable has been talked about in folks drugs for aeons. They have been used for therapeutic in conventional drugs in lots of cultures world wide. Though these fungi are principally fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free and low in energy, fibre and sodium, they’re positively nothing near nutrient-free. Their affect on our well being is far-reaching. 

The substantial portions of selenium present in mushrooms defend the cells from oxidative harm thus, conserving persistent ailments at bay. 

Did you already know that mushrooms are a supply of umami which is meant to be the fifth style? Sweet, salty, bitter, bitter – the 4 tastes? Well, umami is the fifth one within the sequence that cooks outline as wealthy savoury. 

Mushrooms will help in weight administration as they’re low-energy-dense meals. As they’re filling, they enable you to really feel satiated and thus assist management weight. 

Being an overload of vitamin B varieties, mushrooms are lauded for his or her function in conserving our nervous system wholesome. These nutritional vitamins additionally assist to interrupt down carbs, fat and proteins.



Used for ages for its cardiovascular and antibacterial properties, this herb-like vegetable is a staple the world over.  

Garlic has been lauded for its lipid-lowering impact for generations. The sulphur in garlic helps hold the arteries wholesome, thus making it a heart-healthy meals. 

Garlic oil has been advisable for arthritis, muscle and joints ache. Rubbing it on the impacted space provides aid and prevents extra harm. 

Touted to present you higher hair and pores and skin, garlic can kill the acne-causing micro organism. It has a strong quantity of antibacterial and antioxidant properties and therefore is revered as a pores and skin and hair tonic. 

So, forgive the pungent smell-causing sulphur and make garlic an awesome addition to your dishes. 


How many occasions have we been instructed, “eat your greens?” This age-old recommendation helped us gather the advantages that anti-oxidants have to supply via inexperienced meals. 

Green greens have a excessive content material of phytonutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin Ok and folate. These are wealthy in fibre and immunity-building compounds too. 


This vegetable will not be solely a advantageous looker however lends many important vitamins. It has been hailed for its calcium and protein content material, however let’s dig a bit deeper with what else is hidden on this inexperienced flower. 

Like most cruciferous greens, broccoli is heart-healthy resulting from a compound referred to as sulforaphane. It is an anti-inflammatory that retains the blood vessels wholesome. 

It is full of soluble fibre which takes care of the levels of cholesterol within the blood. 

Certain phytochemicals present in broccoli in abundance assist hold free radicals at bay and more and more detoxify the physique. It might assist battle in opposition to breast most cancers, intestinal most cancers and abdomen most cancers.   

Osteoarthritis is a nuisance brought on largely by irritation within the physique. Broccoli has sufficient anti-inflammatories, flavonoids and omega-Three fatty acids that may decelerate the irritation. 

Packed with fibre, this vegetable is understood to help digestion and should have a job to play in expelling H. Pylori from the digestive tract as per analysis accomplished on mice. 

So, respect that broccoli your mother and father urged you to eat and get answerable for your well being. 

Green peas

Were you conscious that inexperienced peas promote nice eyesight? But that’s what carrots do! Well, it’s a little-known incontrovertible fact that inexperienced peas comprise a good quantity of carotenoid phytonutrients that promote wholesome imaginative and prescient. 

The protein within the inexperienced peas is the wrongdoer which nonetheless makes mother and father drive them down into their youngsters, and rightfully so.  

Though inexperienced peas are a starchy vegetable, their glycemic index is comparatively low and now could be researched to see the co-relationship it has to decrease the dangers of type-2 diabetes. 

Some latest research present that these little warriors may assist stop abdomen most cancers resulting from their particular phytonutrients. 

High in magnesium and potassium, inexperienced peas are answerable for conserving the blood strain in test, making them a heart-healthy meals. 

The fibre in any meals is what retains our intestines wholesome and dealing advantageous. These little energy rangers have a considerable amount of their quota to do the identical to our digestive system. 

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