Grab a banana!

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You desire a wholesome kickstart to your day? Have a banana! 

Have an upset abdomen…you guessed proper, have a banana! 

Well, you don’t want a purpose to eat a banana. Just eat it, we are saying.  

The commonest fruit to be discovered wherever on the earth, there are quite a few sorts of banana obtainable. Sweet and comfortable, agency and starchy, this fruit is flexible and could be consumed in any kind – uncooked or ripe. What’s extra, the ash of this fruit can be utilized to make cleaning soap and beer could be made out of some number of this fruit too. They are known as the beer banana. In the agricultural world banana tree usually supplies shade when cultivating cocoa, espresso, nutmeg or black pepper. 

India is thought for its banana manufacturing because of the excellent climate: humidity and tropical climate.  It is the most important herbaceous flowering plant and resembles a tree. The leaves develop spirally with the banana fruit hanging in clusters. Hence, it is usually known as a bunch or banana stem. There could be as many as twenty tiers in a bunch. A bunch often weighs greater than 40 kilograms. Each banana has a protecting outer pores and skin and each, the pores and skin and inside half (flesh,) could be eaten. Each banana has many strings that run between the pores and skin and the inside flesh. When most bananas are ripe, they flip yellow or, generally, pink. 

Red bananas

This kind of banana cultivar i.e., quite a lot of banana, boasts of engaging reddish-purple pores and skin. Naturally luring, the flesh of this kind turns from cream to mild pink when ripe.  Simply wow, they’re comfortable and candy and have a touch of bitter raspberry flavour. As it’s filled with extra well being and goodness than every other kind of banana, it’s sought-after particularly in Mexico and different Central American international locations.   


This kind is of a banana cultivar belonging to the Cavendish subgroup therefore, additionally known as Cavendish banana. They are largely cultivated in Central America. In India, this selection is usually produced in Tamilnadu. It is commercially grown, simply obtainable and most consumed. These bananas are naturally ripened which provides this fruit a pleasant flavour and a creamy texture. Therefore, Robusta is the widespread selection when making ready a smoothie or a scrumptious dessert for its candy style or just to fulfill starvation pangs 


Again, loaded with vitamins and good for well being it’s primarily present in Central and South India. It can also be identified to induce good sleep. So, in case you are affected by insomnia an elaichi banana, other than a heat glass of milk, might assist. Elaichi banana’s sugar content material is balanced with fibre therefore, it helps to take care of a wholesome blood glucose degree.  


Hailing from Kerala, it is usually known as Changalikodan as this kind is cultivated within the village known as Chengazhikodu. Planted in October, this kind is grown organically with natural fertilizers to get its distinctive color and texture. Manure derived from inexperienced leaf, cow dung, ash and such is used to foster development. It wants nice care at every stage of farming.  This selection is taken into account as one of many scared fruits therefore, provided in lots of temples and different spiritual practices. It can also be used to make banana chips. 

Karpuravalli (Madras banana)

Enjoy it when starvation pangs hit you…candy to style this superior selection is comfortable when ripe.  Yes, it’s the sweetest fruit amongst different bananas. It is grown in medium wealthy soil and is comfortable and spherical when ripe. It has an attention-grabbing ash color that stands out from different bananas.    

Hunger pangs, eat your banana 

Bananas are good for well being. With hordes of advantages, it provides to your well-being. This is probably one fruit that’s generally seen on our breakfast desk. With a bit greater than 80 energy, it’s a guilt-free delicacy with every thing to achieve and nothing to lose. It is filled with potassium which is important for coronary heart well being due to its function in normalising blood strain. Bananas include loads of vitamin B6 and vitamin C.  

Sinful desserts to delectable subzi 

In India, particularly the South, we eat each the pores and skin and the within cooked. Here, a banana has greater than a culinary standing. A staple providing to the Gods, that is actually nature’s present. With ripe bananas you can also make halwa, wafers, cake or banana bread.  

The uncooked fruit too could be reduce into small skinny slices for pakodas, subzis, and even kebabs. Go to Kerala to take pleasure in Kalan or Avial. Travel northeast to style their breakfast fare Jolpan. 

There are many fares, whether or not candy or savoury, you can also make with banana, however here’s what we advocate. 

Fresho Signature Tea Cake – Banana Walnut 

Made from finely chopped bananas, roasted walnuts and a touch of brown sugar this moist cake is an ideal accompaniment with tea.  Made with premium high quality elements, it is going to pamper your style buds.  

Theobroma Banana Cake 

Tea-time snack for the entire household, this comfortable, moist cakey bread is made with the sweetness of freshly mashed ripe bananas. You also can pack it in your youngster’s tiffin for a wholesome pure meal. 


The phallic form of Robusta kind of banana is generally used at sexual schooling lessons. It helps demonstrate the proper use of a condom. 

Elaichi banana is a sleep inducer. Its fibre content material balances out the sugar content material thus, making it protected to be consumed when on a medical weight loss plan.  However, a health care provider’s approval is all the time obligatory. 

Red banana is believed to be an aphrodisiac and is meant to spice up fertility. 

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