Melons – Weight watchers’ greatest pals

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Sweet, juicy, crunchy and fleshy, melon has the whole lot to like and to get pleasure from! Belonging to the Cucurbitaceae household melon may both imply a plant, however it usually suggests a fruit. Musky-scented with a tough rind, these scrumptious pulpy, fleshy fruits develop both by hanging on vines or sprawled round on the bottom. There are many cultivars to melon. Cantaloupe is likely one of the hottest cultivars. Melons are botanically thought of fruits and a few varieties are thought of as greens belonging to the gourd household. Melons are filled with diet like folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, niacin and extra. They even have excessive fibre and water content material, and that’s the reason they’re helpful diuretics.  

Plate it up 

Melons are tempting fruits as they indulge your palate and have their wholesome aspect making them higher choices on your four pm snack time. Enjoy them as juice or toss two-three kinds of melons in a dish. Mix it nicely. Sprinkle little chat masala and a drizzle of lemon juice for the additional yum.  

Try out a deli-dessert with custard or relish them as they’re purported to be relished.

Types of melons 

Melons are broadly divided into two sorts – Muskmelons and Watermelons. Muskmelon is a sort of melon which is called Cucumis melo. Some of its varieties are Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Crenshaw, Casaba, and so forth. Muskmelons develop in heat or subtropical climates. They require fertile soil with good drainage. 


It is the commonest fruit eaten in India. Called Kalingaad, it is vitally refreshing, rejuvenating and accommodates about 90% water. It can be nutritious, and therefore, it makes for good weight loss plan meals. It accommodates nutritional vitamins A, C, B6, antioxidants, satisfactory quantities of lycopene, amino acids, and potassium. It has low ranges of sodium. It might forestall most cancers, is nice for the center, immune system, bone well being and digestion and can be anti-inflammatory. It makes pores and skin and hair glow and retains one wholesome. Rich in antioxidant flavonoids, it protects in opposition to prostate, breast, colon, pancreatic and lung cancers. These melons are a superb supply of lycopene which protects pores and skin in opposition to dangerous UV rays. It can be a superb supply for A, C, B-complex nutritional vitamins, iron and fibre, which boosts physique metabolism. Watermelons are greatest eaten when totally ripe as that’s when it’s most nutritious. 

Honeydew melon 

Its juicy candy style has earned it the title of dessert ingredient. This spherical, generally oval melon, is yellow-green. It has a net-like exterior, is nutritious, stuffed with nutritional vitamins and important minerals. The pale inexperienced flesh is juicy. Delicious when eaten uncooked, these melons normally ripen in late summer season. These melons are wealthy in vitamin C and vitamin B3, B6 and voila! very low in energy. Their tasty seeds may be eaten uncooked or roasted. Muskmelons have cooling properties.   

Sun melon 

Rightly known as Sun Jewel melons, these fruits are rectangular with gently curved ends. They have a clean, silky yellow pores and skin and have slim white strains operating by the oval form. The glass-like white flesh is crispy and juicy. It has an irresistible aroma of contemporary nature. Sun melons may be eaten with pores and skin and seeds and boast of distinctive honeydew and cucumber mix. Relish it by itself or puree it so as to add it to ice-cream, smoothies or frozen dessert. They are wealthy in vitamin A and C and likewise regulate heartbeat and stop stroke as they’re an excellent supply of lycopene. 

Cantaloupe Musk melon (Kharbooj) 

They have a net-like, green-greyish pores and skin with candy orange flesh. It makes for a wholesome and refreshing summer season snack. It can be an important fruit to make your pores and skin supple and glowing. Packed with vitamins, it’s excessive in vitamin A and C and fibre that’s nice for these watching their weight. It additionally accommodates thiamine and niacin. Consume it as a wholesome breakfast or a fruit salad.  

Canary Melon 

Flaunting vibrant yellow pores and skin, this oval-shaped melon is far tastier than honeydews. Mildly candy and juicy, it accommodates vitamin C, A, fibre (good for bowel actions) and potassium. Low in fats and energy, it aids digestion. Canary melons that are vibrant yellow (not inexperienced) are mature and able to eat. Melons which might be harvested earlier than maturity are thought of to be of inferior high quality. Use Canary melon to make chilly soups, salads, granitas and such lip-smacking dishes. 


The seeds of melons are extremely nutritious.   

A tip for storing melons is that they need to be evaded different produce. 

Muskmelons are good for the pores and skin and assist in weight reduction. 

Because of their excessive water content material melons shouldn’t be frozen. 


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