Broccoli – The tremendous veggie!

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The new superfood on the town, broccoli appears to be like like a stunted tree belonging to the cabbage household. A cruciferous vegetable, the phrase broccoli is derived from the Italian phrase broccolo. A plural of broccoli, it implies “the flowering crest of a cabbage” and is totally edible – head and stalk. There are three frequent varieties of broccoli. The most acquainted is named Calabrese broccoli, the broccoli we all know of.  

Green broccoli having agency and dense flowerets are in demand in India. The varieties are KTS-I, Pushpa, Solan Green, PalamVichitra, and Aishwarya. 

It is from the cultivar group of Brassica oleracea. It is an annual plant which grows quickly reaching its harvest maturity in 70-150 days (relying on conducive climate in fact.) Broccoli can solely be harvested manually. Farmers use a knife to reap this nutritious produce. It could be cultivated in India in locations with much less rainfall and within the winter season. It could be grown in quite a lot of soils however moist and loam soils are ideally suited.  

Dense with vitamins 

Broccoli is an excellent supply of calcium, potassium and folic acid whereas being low in energy. In nutritional vitamins, it’s graced with vitamin C, A, and Okay. For a nutritious diet, it’s best to stir-fry or steam broccoli as a result of boiling can rob it of its nutritive worth. It can also be excessive in fibre.

Many dishes could be ready with broccoli. It is greatest eaten as a stir-fried salad combine or in a baked dish or pasta. Broccoli and almond soup is a favorite for winter dinners. The wholesome crunch that you simply get from this vegetable is unimaginable.   

Select it nicely 

When deciding on broccoli on the mart, decide the one that’s deep inexperienced, boasts agency, sturdy stalk and an attractive cluster of buds. Broccoli that’s going yellow or wilting shouldn’t be bought.  

Broccoli needs to be saved in a free perforated bag or with air pockets. It needs to be refrigerated and not saved outdoors. If you do retailer it outdoors it needs to be consumed as quickly as doable.  

Wash it simply earlier than you employ it. Pre-washed broccoli may go limp and get mould. 

Though it is rather nutritious and secure in case you are on medicine, it’s best that you simply inform the physician earlier than including it to your weight-reduction plan. 

Those allergic to cruciferous greens ought to take care earlier than placing broccoli on their plate. 


Broccoli is dear due to the elevated demand for it. As a brand new age superfood, it’s quick buying the standing as gourmand produce which is driving its demand. To add to that, the climate for this cool-season, heat-sensitive crop could be tough. It requires steady climes. To prime all of it it’s powerful to reap broccoli due to guide labour. 


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