Gourds – A wholesome staple vegetable

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To be match as a fiddle, vegetable and fruits must be a serious a part of one’s weight loss program. It is the key to an extended life, youthful appears to be like and total well being. In this vary of greens, the gourd is likely one of the classes of produce that makes your pores and skin and hair glow whereas retaining your physique energetic. 

It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae household and there are numerous varieties and species. The fleshy fruit grows on coiled vines or climbing tendrils. They are available in an astounding array of sizes and shapes. Popular as squash or pumpkin, these fruits have a tough shell.  

Adverse to chilly, gourds want heat clime, well-drained soil which is fertile and a fence to help the vines. There are numerous sorts of gourds grown in India. Let us take a look at among the frequent gourds which might be accessible within the bazaar. 

Bottle gourd

Who hasn’t heard of or tasted the delectable ‘doodhi ka halwa?’ This neon-green fruit is extra often known as ‘doodhi or lauki’ than anything. Nutritious, it’s nice for many who need to shed extra pounds. It can also be good for the liver and coronary heart. Squeezing it to get the juice and consuming it, is the simplest manner of consuming it, particularly if taken submit a exercise. It is principally grown in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Bihar. Its botanical identify is Lagenaria siceraria. 

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Bitter gourd

It can also be referred to as Karela or Karli as its place of birth is Kerala. It has a tough, pimpled inexperienced exterior, cream-colored flesh and a bitter style. It tops the ranks as probably the most nutritious gourd because it has immense medicinal worth. Karela juice is understood to assist diabetics. It additionally helps in constructing immunity, purifying the blood and bettering intestine well being. Bitter gourd could be cooked in numerous methods. Fry it to get that unimaginable tasty crunch or cook dinner it like a vegetable however with coconut oil which provides the dish an irresistible flavour.  In the gourd household, it’s a tropical or subtropical vine and is principally cultivated in Telangana, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh 

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Ash gourd

This is a gourd that’s full of vitamin. Its botanical identify is Benincasa hispida or winter melon. It is understood to assist and cut back acidity, retains the intestine in good well being and reduces the danger of abdomen ulcers. It prevents inside bleeding because it has anticoagulant properties. Ash gourd is grown primarily in North Indian states as a result of the local weather is appropriate for it. Agra is known for “Petha,” a tasty and crunchy candy dish ready from it.  Numerous Indian dishes are comprised of ash gourd. 

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Ridge gourd

It goes by numerous names and is a standard man’s staple vegetable. Versatile and fibre-rich, it’s used to arrange many dishes all around the nation. It has a novel exterior with ridges and has a mildly crunchy chew. The ridges on it give this veggie its attribute identify. It helps in digestion and aids to manage diabetes. MP, Maharashtra and Orissa are the leaders in cultivating this gourd. 

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Chow-chow squash

Not to be confused with chow-mein, this pear-shaped vegetable has thorny pores and skin and retains its crispiness even after it’s cooked. It can also be referred to as chayote or Bangalore brinjal and belongs to the melon and cucumber subdivision of the gourd household. It grows finest in cool, moisture-rich climates. Rich in vitamin C, it’s generally utilized in sambhar. The root, leaves, stem and seeds are edible. It is understood to neutralise acidity and grows abundantly in Meghalaya. 

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Gourds are a staple meals for Indians 

As gourds are tasty, nutritious and discover beneficial local weather, they’re a staple meals in India.  Besides being cooked in common vegetable-style, all kinds of meals dishes could be ready from them. 

Delicious pickle which enhances meals dishes like masala rice, parathas and many others. is comprised of bitter gourd. 

To make meals dishes yummier use some chow-chow. 

Grate doodhi for some flavour in raita.  


Various sorts of sponges are comprised of sponge gourd which is used for cleansing vessels, surfaces and many others. in the home. 

Some gourd is grown as a decorative fruit. It is dried to make use of as utensils, cups, fishnet floats, bottles, pipes and different helpful objects.  





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