Amla – Berrie’d with vitamin C

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A stroll by way of the market and you will notice vibrant berries stacked in a wicker basket. Freshly washed, they give the impression of being so tempting. Berries could also be thought-about munchies, however they’re a wealthy supply of vitamins.   

Berry is produced from the drupe/ovary of a flower the place the outer layer of the drupe wall grows right into a fleshy edible pericarp. Though tomatoes, grapes, bananas, cucumbers, eggplants, and chilli peppers don’t fall beneath the berry class, they’re nonetheless thought-about berries within the botanical world. A plant bearing berries is claimed to be bacciferous or baccate. 

Juicy, generally tangy, berries are edible fruits with or with out pips. Often consumed in jams, preserves, pies and desserts, each nation grows its personal distinctive species of berry. These fruits will be plucked from the wild like cloudberry, lingonberry and such. Popular forms of berries in India are amla, jamun, strawberries, raspberries, mulberry, rasbhari, blueberries and blackberries. Watermelons and pumpkins are thought-about big berries too.  

So, let’s discuss our immunity soldier at the moment, Amla! 

Amla/Nelli/Indian Gooseberry 

Remember these instances when your complete household jovially fought for a luxurious piece from the amla murabba? Oh, that heavenly little bit of syrupy candy, tangy pickle, amla is maybe the one berry that provides a tingling zest. 

Famous for his or her completely scrumptious and tangy style, these neon-green berries actually provide you with goosebumps when eaten. Cultivated all through India, just a few grams of amla gives you extra vitamin C than a basketful of oranges. It is because of this precisely that this berry has, over time, gained the superfruit title too.  

Amla timber are tropical crops and want temperatures of round 46˚C.  It doesn’t tolerate chilly and frost. It grows on a flowering tree and requires a yearly rainfall of greater than 600 mm. Amla will be grown in quite a lot of soils which is barely acidic to saline. The soil can taper to being alkaline. But the most effective soil for amla is fertile loamy with an excellent drainage system and a pH vary of seven to 9. Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh are main amla rising states in India. 

These superfruits possess potent medicinal properties.  They are used within the manufacturing of a number of medicines used for the remedy of sores, anaemia, chilly, diarrhoea and fever. Additionally, these berries are additionally good antioxidants and have antibacterial properties. If troubled with constipation have these gooseberries as they’re excessive in fibre and assist to manage bowel actions. 

Many magnificence merchandise corresponding to shampoo, hair oil, hair dye, tooth powder and face lotions have amla as their energetic ingredient.


Rich in vitamin C, amla pickles, chutney, juice or jam are a good way to get pleasure from them. They can be utilized in savoury dishes for his or her tarty style. Relish amla to extend your immunity, for good pores and skin and robust hair. Adding this historical superfruit into your weight loss plan might enhance your total well being. 

As they’re fragile, deal with them with care when utilizing them to make a dish. You can retailer amla in your fridge for greater than per week. You may freeze them. 


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