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The love story between ladies and make-up is famed. After all, you may’t deny the facility of make-up. It not solely acts as a confidence booster but additionally heightens the glamour quotient notches larger. So a lot so, that sporting eyeliner in a different way or making use of a brand new shade of lipstick can convey a couple of change within the angle. A shade extra assured, for positive! That’s the magic of make-up.

And if make-up is magic, pigments are the magic phrase. Just one glide is not going to solely remodel the best way you look, but additionally intensify your options, and offer you oodles of confidence to flaunt your greatest self.


Pigments are the guts and soul of make-up. Scientifically talking, pigments are a sort of fabric that creates color by means of reflection and absorption. And merely talking, it’s the color payoff. The depth, saturation, focus are all facets of pigments. How long-lasting a shade is, or how brilliant or subdued color is, relies on the pigmentation. The common rule within the magnificence world is “extra the pigments, the higher it’s”. Although pigments and dyes are interchangeable, they’re very, very completely different.


Are they interchangeable? Yes. Are they the identical? Absolutely not! The major distinction between the 2 is that pigments are insoluble, whereas dyes are blendable with their content material. That’s as a result of dyes’ molecules are small, however pigment molecules are a lot bigger.


If you thought that pigments had been a latest phenomenon, we have now information for you. Pigments got here into origin roughly 7000 years in the past. That’s proper! Pigments have been round perpetually!

They’ve not solely stood the take a look at of time however have witnessed the altering panorama of magnificence. Today, the make-up business is buzzing with a dizzying array of merchandise. There’s even vegan make-up! Sure, the make-up business has modified, however what has not modified is the passion and pleasure of girls for cosmetics. In truth, the intrinsic nature of girls to experiment with make-up could be dated again centuries.

Curious? We had been too. That’s why, we hopped on our time machine and journeyed by means of the ages, accumulating tales wealthy with historical past, and details that can depart you shocked. Come, let’s begin from the very starting. Let’s check out magnificence by means of the ages.



In the traditional period, make-up was rudimentary. But that didn’t cease the ladies from experimenting with their magnificence, particularly not in Egypt, which is the birthplace of cosmetics.

For starters, Egyptian ladies additionally used ‘kohl’. But again then, they didn’t have the luxurious of fancy manufacturers. They used a mix of oxidized copper, burnt almonds, completely different colored ash, lead, and ochre, to beautify their eyes. Carbon black was harvested from the soot of burning animal fat. They would rub Galena Mesdemet (manufactured from Lead Ore and Copper) and Malachite (brilliant inexperienced paste from Copper minerals) so as to add a pop of color.


Ancient Chinese ladies too cared about their look. They typically used rice flour on their face to make it seem white. As for his or her nails, they’d typically stain them with Arabic, gelatin, beeswax, and egg. Gold, silver, black, and purple outlined their social standing.

For ladies in historic Greece, magnificence has at all times been a necessary a part of their lives. The magnificence requirements on this period could be seen in depictions of Aphrodite – the Goddess of affection, and sweetness too, and different ladies in Greek mythology. In a bid to reinforce their magnificence, Greek ladies would typically use crushed mulberries as rouge, Olive Oil and charcoal to outline their eyes, and would paint their faces with white lead. Unknown to them, the white lead was extraordinarily poisonous.

It was solely a matter of time earlier than the Egyptians and Chinese grew to become frontrunners in making pigments from Azurite, Malachite, and Cinnabar (a brilliant purple color – the primary of its form). Egyptian Blue was one other color that got here into existence round 3000 BC. They had been pioneers in hair dye and used Henna to camouflage gray hair.

Very quickly, the Romans and Greeks caught up and entered the race through the use of plant-based extracts to make pigments, which improved drastically over a time frame. Colours or beauty pigments of sure hues got here to be thought to be a sworn statement of elite rank and social standing.
For instance – Tyrian Purple, the most costly dye, indicated royalty as solely elite folks may afford it. The Greeks additionally manufactured white result in make flake white.

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Inspired by Egyptians, Romans too entered the wonder sport. In the start, Romans used make-up just for ritual functions. But with time, make-up grew to become a necessary a part of the lives of those ladies.

Ancient Roman ladies used barley flour and butter to masks pimples and blemishes. Sometimes they’d rub glowing antimony (a silver-white metallic) over their eyelids as an eye-shadow. They’d use blood on their fingernails for polish, unbelievably so. It was a time when mud baths had been trending, and hair dyes for males had been deemed trendy.

It was on this period that India began utilizing Henna as a hair dye, and mehndi too. For these within the know, mehndi is an artwork type painted on arms and toes utilizing a paste constituted of the Henna plant. Mehndi is in style as a part of Hindu weddings. Henna can be utilized in sure North African cultures.


The magnificence and beauty tendencies within the center ages had been very attention-grabbing. It was on this period that beauty shifted focus from being a ladies’s solely indulgence to these of males too. Men used cosmetics to stave off the looks of outdated age.

It was on this period that perfumes grew to become in style, and paler complexion was the style. It is believed that ladies would bleed to attain a pale look. In a saner try, egg whites had been used to get the specified pale pores and skin. It seems that chalk-white complexion was favoured again then. And if historical past is something to go by, that mindset is a actuality even right now. Italian ladies wore purple lipstick to represent that they belonged to the elite class.


Women of this period believed in pure magnificence. This might be the one period the place ladies had been celebrated for what they had been. Although the pure look was idolized, it didn’t diminish using cosmetics.

In the Renaissance Era, ladies valued pallor. Pale, ivory pores and skin was extremely desired. Women typically used white result in obtain paleness. This period was additionally rampant with powders like mercury, and vermilion (obtained from cinnabar). Mercury was typically combined with white result in give the cheeks a smooth blush, and to spotlight their bust strains. Vermilion was used on the lips for a luscious purple color.

Soon, France and Italy rose as centres of cosmetics. European ladies adopted go well with by making an attempt to lighten their pores and skin and blonde their hair. Blonde hair grew to become in style, thus incomes the title ‘Angelic’. England’s Queen Elizabeth 1 was a widely known endorser of white lead and created ‘The Mask Of Youth’ look.

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This is that point in English historical past when Britain was dominated by Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria didn’t like make-up and insisted that ladies ought to put on solely minimal make-up and look as pure as doable.

But everyone knows, even the pure look is much from pure. And that it certainly does require a fair proportion of make-up software. So right here’s what ladies did. To get the peerlessly pale look, they’d mud their faces with Zinc Oxide. For their lips, they’d smudge fruits or flowers, and so they’d pinch their cheeks for a rosy blush, painfully so! At occasions, they’d use beets, or red-coloured bugs, or carmine. And to maintain up with the doe-eye development, they squeeze lemon juice or orange juice, and at occasions, stronger concoctions, into their eyes.


Having stated that, the doable motive pigments had been frowned upon and thought of uncouth may very well be toxicity ranges within the lead-based pigments, which had been extraordinarily hazardous. Soon, the event of cosmetics favoured by ladies emerged. Though not in style, magnificence salons started to sprout.

Slowly however certainly, this phase began rising. California Perfume Company (CPC) now known as Avon, started promoting an arrogance set and cosmetics in 1929.

Shortly after, ladies within the US drew upon their ingenuity and commenced creating their very own mascara by making use of wax to their eyelashes.

This was proof sufficient that the occasions and attitudes had been altering, as was the make-up business. The business started to broaden its base by together with colors that enhanced ladies’s magnificence.


It was time for the rocking 20th century. And rock it did! It was when the Flapper look grew to become a rage and redefined the roaring twenties. This period noticed the emergence of a brand new breed of girls with bobbed hair, brief skirts, dwelling it up in jazz golf equipment, with admirers aplenty.

Times had been altering. So was the beauty business. It was time for a facelift. Vanity circumstances now included the primary liquid nail polish, basis, powdery blushes, and powder compact. Around the yr 1910, make-up grew to become a style assertion. With the film business growth within the 1920s, Hollywood performed an influential function and had a huge effect on using cosmetics. It’s due to this that many present-day well-known manufacturers had been born, and in addition when Max Factor rose to prominence. It opened an expert make-up studio in LA primarily for actors.

During this period, Coco Chanel forayed into the beauty universe and turned it round. It was the time when everybody needed to color of their life. Pink nail-paint got here into fashion, and colored cosmetics for hair and pores and skin had been in demand. It was when Leg Makeup got here into being, in response to a scarcity of stocking throughout World War II. ‘False’ launched pure merchandise filled with botanical elements like carrot juice and watermelon extract.

The 80s introduced with it a dramatic change. Women received bolder, the colors received louder. Smoky eyes had been essentially the most sought-after look, and this was additional accentuated in vibrant colors like fuchsia, electrical blue, orange, and inexperienced had been. The 80s was every little thing excessive – look, make-up, angle, and confidence. Superstars like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper championed the change.



Today, make-up is breaking gender norms. It is for everybody, women and men alike. A lot of manufacturers have cropped up. Unlike yesteryears, they comply with strict protocols to offer completely protected merchandise. Many manufacturers that began aeons in the past are cult favourites right now. That’s as a result of they’re continuously innovating with altering tendencies.

But right now, make-up is past colors, palettes, and textures. Today, it’s about self-expression, self-love and empowerment. It is now not thought-about a instrument to cowl up your flaws. In truth, it’s a weapon that lets you improve your strengths and sweetness, and tackle the world.

From the Ancient Era to the 21st century, pigments have performed a mammoth function in make-up. What began as a humble try to look good, is a lot extra right now. What’s left to see is, the place will it go subsequent?

To even better heights, we assume.

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