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Bringing the natural lifestyle ahead, Bigbasket has crafted a model that caters particularly to clients who all the time look out for different natural merchandise in day-to-day life.

Thus, taking a web page from Ayurveda that goes again to ages, we current to you BB Home Herbal cleaners’ vary with the magic of natural components. It is crafted utilizing important oils and plant-based surfactants with out using any poisonous or dangerous chemical compounds. This natural cleaners’ vary is created to raise the client expertise with high quality and efficient all-around residence cleansing.

Cradling within the arms of nature, the important oils have discovered a particular place in lots of historic medicines and coverings. Of late, they’ve began to achieve recognition within the modern world with their high quality utilization in day-to-day life. They have a myriad vary of advantages proper from aromatherapy to pores and skin and well being care. Each important oil is accrued to serve its personal goal.

Here is a listing of important oils and different plant-based surfactants that BB Home Herbal has rigorously picked to make your house clear.

Lemongrass Oil

Herbal ingredients
Lemongrass oil

Extracted from lemongrass leaves, this important oil has astringent skills, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties. The plant is extensively present in Asia and utilized in aromatherapy. It provides a contemporary perfume to the cleaners and retains infections at bay.

Cedarwood Oil

Herbal ingredientsHerbal ingredients
Cedarwood Oil

It is extensively recognized for its use in conserving bugs away from materials, and pets. This oil is derived from the cedar bushes present in locations with gentle to average climates across the globe. The compounds cedrine, cedrol, and thujopsene make this oil antiseptic, anti-fungal and insecticidal.

Soap nut oil

Herbal ingredientsHerbal ingredients
Soap nut oil

Reetha or Soap nut is a standard medicinal herb utilized in Ayurveda. The oil is derived from the fruit of cleaning soap nut. It has the power to behave as a surfactant due to saponins which assist take away impurities from garments, surfaces, and so on. The cleaning soap nut oil has typical makes use of as cleaning soap and detergent.

Pine Oil

Herbal ingredientsHerbal ingredients
Pine oil

This oil has been utilized in conventional medicines and is derived from fragrant pine tree needles. Its properties make it a perfect disinfectant that wipes off a wide range of micro organism and fungus. It is utilized in cleansing furnishings, flooring, and whilst an air freshener due to its perfume.

Neem Oil

Herbal ingredientsHerbal ingredients
Neem oil

It is derived from neem tree leaves and comprises anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and anti inflammatory properties. Traditionally, it has been utilized in Ayurvedic in addition to Chinese medicines. It fights infections mixed with different oils and protects your house from undesirable micro organism.

Coconut Based Surfactant

Surfactants derived naturally from coconuts are eco-friendly, in contrast to artificial surfactants which are poisonous and arduous on the pores and skin. The coconut-based surfactants are tender on the pores and skin and are suitable with anionic, non-ionic, and amphoteric surfactants. They carry the properties of a detergent and work finest when mixed with pure oils.

Non-ionic cocoa

Non-ionic surfactants are gentle and pure and are derived from coconut oil or fruit sugar. They are biodegradable, non-toxic, and act as foamy cleansers. Combined with different important oils, they provide a deep and efficient cleaning expertise.

About BB Home natural cleaners and repellents

These merchandise include the care of nature in your residence. They give a deep and efficient cleansing with natural components to provide you a non-toxic and chemical-free expertise. They additionally depart behind a pleasing perfume.

Features of BB Home natural cleaners 

  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Aromatic perfume
  • Sare for youths and no uncomfortable side effects
  • Made from pure components
BB residence cleaners

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Features of BB Home natural sprays 

  • Non-toxic and chemical-free
  • Keeps away bugs
  • Spray and depart in a single day
  • Made with ayurvedic components
BB residence repellents

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